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Thermal coating

Thermal coating is a system that consists of applying an insulating layer to the outer face of a building.
Thermal coating: the solution for a more efficient and sustainable building.

In the construction industry, external insulation has become a key element for improving energy efficiency and comfort of buildings.
The thermal coat, known as external insulation, consists in a series of insulating panels on the outer surfaces of a building’s perimeter walls. It works as a thermal barrier between the inhabited rooms and the heat or cold of the outdoor environment. It keeps internal temperatures high during the winter and prevents the heat of the sun rays from entering the rooms during the summer.

Energy Efficiency
One of the main benefits of the thermal coating is its ability to improve significantly the energy efficiency of buildings. This thermal protection allows a reduction in energy consumption required for heating and cooling the building, generating considerable savings in energy costs.

Living Comfort
Thermal insulation not only helps to maintain a constant indoor temperature, but also improves the total living comfort. It deletes weak points in terms of heat loss, reduces internal condensation and promotes better indoor air quality, creating a healthier and more enjoyable environment in which to work or live. Finally, it reduces noise from the outside to the outside

This system provides greater durability of buildings, protecting them from weathering wear and extending their service life. In addiction it helps to preserve the front from moisture, preventing the formation of mold or structural damage

Aesthetics and Design
In addiction to the functional benefits, external insulation offers considerable possibilities for aesthetics customization. A wide range of finishes and colors allows the system to be adapted to the desired appearance of the building, contributing to improving aesthetics and value

Environmental sustainability
Choosing insulation represent an important step towards environmental sustainability. By reducing energy consumption, it helps to limit greenhouse gas emissions and the total environmental impact of buildings

In summary, thermal coating is a winning solution for anyone who wants to improve the energy efficiency, living comfort and the sustainability of their buildings. It’s an investment that pay for itself over time trough energy saving, the increase in real estate value and the improvement of quality life. Therefore, if you are planning a building project or renovation seriously consider insulation as a smart and beneficial choice

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