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Affint S.r.l. produces profiles for plaster, plasterboard and thermalcoatings.

Profiles for plaster, plasterboard and thermalcoatings.

Affint S.r.l: Manufacturers of profiles for plaster, plasterboard and thermalcoating.

Affint S.r.l. produces thermal coating, plaster and plasterboard solutions, first quality processed goods in galvanized, stainless steel and aluminium, using advanced machineries and implementing strict controls during the whole production process.

High-quality materials

Certified Products

The latest machinery

Worldwide Shipping

A team of professionals at your service

We don’t develop just a commercial partnership with our costumers, as we firsty try to establish a human contact among costumers and suppliers. Affint staff is made up first of all of technicians and then on sellers, that’s why our staff follows the costumer step by step and it’s always available for a phone advice or a specialized consultancy. Our commercial tecnhical service is characterized by its ability of a communicating effectively and at different levels with the retailer and the costumer.

​​Advanced technologies and quality guarantees

Storage – Compatibility – Laying: Our products always need to be stored indoor in a dry, wellaired space. While choosing the product, it’s necessary to carefully consider the compatibility between the profiles and the plaster, as well as the thickness of the plaster itself and the field of application in which it will be put on. Galvanized metal sheet profiles can be applied on lime, lime-cement or gypsum plasters. As the assembly is based on materials (plasters) that present physical and chemical proprieties, which go beyond our testing abilities, the company will decline any form of responsibility related to the corrosion of the profiles. We recommed a direct check, with test for the compatibility of the materials. The positioning and fixing of the profiles must be realized – in the case of cement and anhydrite-based plasters – with the same materials; while for the use of cement or lime-cement plasters, in humid spaces, externally or in presence of aggressive chemical substances, it’s strongly recommended not to use gypsum or any similar material. Affint S.r.l. guarantees the quality of its products. However, for a perfect preservation of the same materials, we recommend to store our products indoor, in a dry, well-aired space.

Materials, types and characteristics

  • SENDZIMIR galvanised steel according to continuous process, with zinc layer on both sides of 200 g/m² and 275 fr/m² first choice
  • Quality UNI EN 10 142
  • Size tolerance UNI EN 10 1143
  • Natural aluminium type AL” 99,5 UNI 4507
  • Prepainted aluminium Alloy 3103, colour White – Grey
  • AISI 304 stainless steel

High standards of quality and safety.

Our historic and known attention to the “made in Italy” quality and the european market is confirmed by all our products and both CE and DOP certifications, witch guarawtee to our clients that the expectations on the «value» of the product actually match to wath stated.

Certified materials

The profiles are made of high-grade Dx51 galvanized steel, with a coverage of zinc ranging between 200/275 gr/mq, compliant with the rules UNI – EN 10326 – 10327 – 10142.
All profiles are produced according to regulations CE 14195 – 13964 e and CERTIFICATION DOP.