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Art Access Panel

Access Panel in plasterboard sheet 12,5 mm

Extractable door
Prodotti per Plasterboard
With Affint, you can count on a complete range of high quality products Profiles, Corner Guards, Flexible Rails, Uprights, Crossbars, Hooks, Brackets, Inspection Hatches to help you realise tailor-made construction solutions for your spaces. Plasterboard is a versatile construction material that can be used in a variety of applications, including creating walls and ceilings.
Access Panel

the access panel is made of aluminium profiles with plasterboard sheet idro 12,5 mm. It is used to inspect plasterboard ceilings/walls. The fixing is done by matching between pile-up panel and external aluminium frame of the access panel, by screwing the same with self-drilling screws. The door is opened by pressing towards the interspace of the panel, which activates the automatic ejection mechanism. The disassembly of the same is done through by inclination and extraction towards the outside. The door is secured, avoiding accidental extraction, by a cable with steel carabiner located perpendicular to the opening side.


Art. BOT20: Size 20×20 PCS/CF 2
Art. BOT30: Size 30×30 PCS/CF 2
Art. BOT40: Size 40×40 PCS/CF 2
Art. BOT50: Size 50×50 PCS/CF 2
Art. BOT60: Size 60×60 PCS/CF 2

Art. BOT30100R: Size 30×100 PCS/CF 1
Art. BOT3040R: Size 30×40 PCS/CF 1
Art. BOT3050R: Size 30×50 PCS/CF  1
Art. BOT3060R: Size 30×60 PCS/CF 1
Art. BOT3080R: Size 30×80 PCS/CF 1
Art. BOT40100R: Size 40×100 PCS/CF 1
Art. BOT40120R: Size 40×120 PCS/CF 1
Art. BOT4050R: Size 40×50 PCS/CF 1
Art. BOT4060R: Size 40×60 PCS/CF 1
Art.BOT4080R: Size 40×80 PCS/CF 1
Art.BOT50100R: Size 50×100 PCS/CF 1
Art.BOT5060R: Size 50×60 PCS/CF 1
Art.BOT5070R: Size 50×70 PCS/CF 1
Art.BOT5080R: Size 50×80 PCS/CF 1
Art.BOT5090R: Size 50×90 PCS/CF 1
Art.BOT60100R: Size 60×100 PCS/CF 1
Art.BOT60120R: Size 60×120 PCS/CF 1
Art.BOT6080R: Size 60×80 PCS/CF 1
Art.BOT6090R: Size 60×90 PCS/CF 1
Art.BOT70100R: Size 70×100 PCS/CF 1
Art.BOT70120R: Size 70×120 PCS/CF 1
Art.BOT7090R: Size 70×90 PCS/CF 1
Art.BOT80100R: Size 80×100 PCS/CF 1
Art.BOT80120R: Size 80×120 PCS/CF 1

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