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Art Screw VAPC 25/35/45

Self-cutting screw

Prodotti per Plasterboard
With Affint, you can count on a complete range of high quality products Profiles, Corner Guards, Flexible Rails, Uprights, Crossbars, Hooks, Brackets, Inspection Hatches to help you realise tailor-made construction solutions for your spaces. Plasterboard is a versatile construction material that can be used in a variety of applications, including creating walls and ceilings.
Screw VAPC 25/35/45

VAPC25: Size mm. 3,5 x 25 Packing 1.000 Pz
VAPC35: Size mm. 3,5 x 35 Packing 1.000 Pz
VAPC45: Size mm. 3,5 x 45 Packing 500 Pz

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Art Screw VAPC 25/35/45
Self-cutting screw
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